Why Is Fascia So Important?

Fascia generates an electrical field upon stretching, compression, or movement of any kind. Therefore, we can say that fascia is a semi-conductive material, allowing all parts to communicate with each other. An interconnected electronic fabric that transmits information and stress patterns. The most minute movement transmits tension throughout the entire connective tissue web.

Structural changes are brought about in response to environmental, emotional and behavioral stresses due to its dynamic equilibrium. The ground substance of fascia has the capacity to change shape when pressure is applied to it, because of a quality of plasticity. That being said; with appropriate, skillful application of mechanical pressure to the fascial tissue, by the Rolfer’s hands, elbows, fingers or knuckles; Rolfing discharges strain patterns and tension from the tissues. Rolfing® rebalances inappropriately misaligned weight distribution due to strain, which then increases tension, thereby bringing about pain relief, freedom of movement, as well as better balance.