When the body gets working appropriately
the force of gravity can flow through
~ Ida P. Rolf PhD
I love to help people realize their potential and become their best ~ Patti Selleck
Services Provided

Rolfing® Structural Integration – A whole body approach to Postural Balance, through manipulation of fascia causing Structural Realignment, freedom from tension and pain; old injuries, scar tissue, bone injuries, accidents, surgery and trauma with a rebalancing effect that allows freedom of movement; better energy; improved balance and healthier attitude.

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Personal Insights

I’ve shared all of this to give you an insight into how my thinking and personal perspective and years of experience have shifted my Rolfing® approach but the basic premise of Rolfing hasn’t changed.

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Certified Advanced Rolfer™
Certified Chaplain

623-670-8294 c

(by appointment)

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