Quantum Physics and Quantum Faith

Quantum Physics verifies that on a sub-cellular level we are a network of electron particles, waves and strings that are ultimately unseen by our human eyes but through science they can be seen with the electron microscope.



Quantum Physics has opened a new dimensional world of vision and touch for me.

I was introduced to the book and teaching called Quantum Faith by Annette Capps. She is an author, ordained minister and businesswoman, and a lifelong student of the Bible. Her curiosity led her to investigate the similarities of “quantum physics” and the teachings of Jesus Christ. This powerful combination opened new dimensions for those seeking a bridge between the Bible and modern science. That has been so true for me also. As I listened to her teaching, I got it! That is the world that I live in. It’s what I envision when I touch a body. I am a woman of faith and it was hard to explain it to others what my work was about. I see things through eyes of faith. I have been empowered with an anointed healing gift from God. I knew that I touched far more than the flesh suit but this gave me a greater understanding and verification of why faith works. It tied scientific backing to the seen (flesh, which I touch) and the unseen (faith) things that I experience when I’m working. That took me to another dimension of faith and the science of why it works.

Now let’s add another piece to this quantum puzzle – David Van Koevering. He is a writer, minister, motivational speaker, quantum physicist and co-inventor of the Moog Synthesizer and over 600 other inventions. Author of a work called Quantum Leap; he brings revelation linking science and the spirit realm also. His search to learn more about physical reality and how it worked led him to discover that quantum physics identifies a large part of our universe to be non-physical and the realization that the universe was greater than science has discovered, or could explain. This introduction to quantum physics and spiritual revelation are bringing me to another level of depth and dimension in the “Quantum Leap” I have taken in my work. All these pieces of information have come to help me see, hear, touch and perceive things at a fuller dimension within the context of each person’s session. My work has moved to a higher dimension of effectiveness and results. I am not just touching a body. I perceive patterns in the tissues as I am touching an interconnected life. I am touching interconnected tissues that store information from our past and our genetic history. We have DNA in our cells that records our life’s story. It imprints our trauma. It stores energy. It inhibits us from freely moving into our future, which explains the difficulty we have to fully living in our present. We are internally interconnected; we have those energetic imprints held within our fascial tissues.