Professional Overview

I’m a Certified Advanced Rolfer with a strong background in Structural, Functional, Emotional, Spiritual and Movement Integration. I’m a Scar Tissue specialist. As a wellness therapist, I release Somato/Emotional/and Energetic Patterns. I’m gifted and well accomplished in Rolfing Structural Integration since 1990. I’ve owned my own business since 1990 and have also worked as an adjunct in Chiropractic and DO Offices making a difference for both the client receiving treatment and the Dr. administering it. I address both internal and external causes that contribute to pain and release patterns that cause tension, compression, pain and discomfort through postural changes relative to the body’s interaction with gravity and Bioenergetic blockages. I’m results-oriented, innovative, and client-focused. In short, I reorganize the body’s connective tissue called fascia by structurally rebalancing and re-aligning the body within the gravitational field making permanent changes that bring lasting pain relief. When everything is “stacked” and in balance, gravity becomes a girdle of support that does the work so muscles don’t have to overwork to hold one up.

As a Structural Engineer would look at a building, I take into consideration the structural components of the body; the 206 bones and shapes of the joints held together through the connective tissues called fascia. I look at the structural alignment of those parts; the foundation it’s being held up by; how weight loads through them; and the relationship of and interconnectivity of all its’ parts. I pay special attention to the details of opening the communication pathways of the Nervous System and energetic body. The Body is BIO-Magnetic, Bio-electrical and has energetic systems that need to be functioning without interference. It has an energetic blueprint that gets imprinted by accidents and physical traumas, surgical interventions, energetic impacts and emotional traumas that one may have experienced in life that affects posture and create tensional holding patterns that contribute to discomfort, pain and potentially disease,. Rolfing unblocks those pathways!

Quantum Rolfing– On the spiritual side, we are spiritual beings . We all have a spiritual blueprint of how God has designed us to be. Life often imposes a loss of identity and confusion about who we truly are and our God designed purpose. Realigning the physical structure releases physical chaos, mental and emotional confusion, energetic impacts and tension in the tissues and helps to naturally reorder a person’s thinking and being, reestablishing one’s true sense of purpose and identity. I call it effortless change! Since, I personally practice Biblically based love and spiritual Truths, that’s the platform I come from to integrate into the foundations of inner healing that helps with spiritual clarity.