Personal Insights

I’ve shared all of this to give you an insight into how my thinking and personal perspective and years of experience have shifted my Rolfing® approach but the basic premise of Rolfing hasn’t changed.

What happens when we manipulate the fascia? If we change the pattern in the tissues, will it change the patterns in a life? We are creatures of habit. There is much empirical evidence in the work of Rolfing that demonstrates that lives change when we change the fascia. There is a discharge the energy and weight redistribution. Rolfing creates length and space; symmetry and balance. Movement Awareness and Integration give you the ability to occupy that newfound space. You will certainly become more comfortable in your own body and will reclaim your life that may seem out of control. Why is that? When we change the form (structure), we change the function (physiology) and the attitude generally shifts. With the change of attitude, there is a change of the power and stability we walk in. Could we possible change a life? It has been my experience over 27 years of bodywork and 22 years of Rolfing, that yes it does.

My seeing, feeling, touch and empathy have expanded over the years. I don’t just touch bodies. I help transform lives. I instill hope. I touch the spirit, soul, body, mind, emotion of each client. This is all under my hands and in my mind’s eye when I’m working on someone. I am entrusted to share their personal history. It’s a privilege to be allowed to help someone integrate on so many dimensions. I work with my clients based on their willingness to have change. They may choose to share life hurts or not. Either way, I compassionately comply with their need to process. I provide space for emotional and energetic release. I spiritually support and empower my clients. Whatever my clients bring to the table is giving them the opportunity to have wholeness, health, well being and transformation through Structural Integration.

I look forward to helping you in your life transformation!

Peter Hushek, President Phoenix Heat Treating, Inc.
Patti has aided my ability to perform at peak levels for 23 years. From my early years in cycling she helped me understand and attain the body balance that was required to perform at my best through Rolfing and whatever soft tissue techniques necessary to achieve my goals. As the years went on and I was faced with balancing family, business obligations and physical fitness, she’s helped me maintain optimal postural alignment and integration so that my efforts were not wasted in any arena.
When I’ve gotten out of balance, Patti has rebalanced my contorted physical body and helped me avoid further injury, helped me out of pain or simply kept me from be sidelined. Patti’s holistic approach to physical and mental health has been a welcome bridge to a better future that I demand of myself. MORE TESTIMONIALS