Rolfing Q&A

People who want to experience Rolfing but need more information can experience a Preliminary “De-Traumatizing” Session- A custom designed session that will rebalance the energetic and nervous system and begin the integration process by “rebooting the system”. This customized session is designed specifically for them to determine how they would personally benefit.

It has also been my experience that most people have several levels of life trauma. People process emotional, energetic and physical traumas and get by. Then the tension and pain are what gets their attention. They come in to me for relief. I find that on some level that they are like a Picasso, disjointed physically, emotionally, spiritually or energetically. A person energetically switched off means their body has more trouble healing. So, this session is custom designed as I listen to the rhythms of body, re-establish energetic flows and rebalance the body with a blend of CranioSacral Therapy, Rolfing, and Movement which helps the client relax and get reconnected. It is an extreme relaxation session as it discharges the disjointed energy and it is an opportunity to experience relief and learn what you can expect from Rolfing.~ This session is not one of the 10 series work but is a most effective foundation for the 10 series.

What to wear: Client should bring or wear underwear or loose fitting sport shorts for men and underwear and bra or underwear and sports bra for women.

In the 1st session, there is a postural assessment with photos and personal history. Rolfing is a systematic approach to ease tensional patterns, realign posture and affect structural integration and a more balanced body, aligning the body in gravity. Each session has a specific set of anatomical territories and goals and begins with a standing and movement evaluation to determine structural and functional restrictions. Rolfing is interactive. Client participation, presence, and awareness is encouraged.

General outline of the basic 10-12 series – Although the sessions have a “recipe”, the work on the table is client driven. Although the area of client’s complaint may not be the main event for the session, I always will address the specific issues and complaints to bring relief.

Session 1 Addresses many areas addressing superficial fascia from knees to neck and focuses on increasing capacity and ease of breath, balances shoulder girdle and creates a horizontal pelvis*.

Session 2 All about the feet and lower legs, then neck and back work to integrate* Seated education on weight transfer from pelvis through feet.

Session 3 Side lines from neck to knees* The external layers of front, back and sides are released in Sessions 1-3 and we begin to converse in Session 3 with the Core connection and even more profound breath support. *seated back work is done to anchor a good, no effort, upright structure

Session 4 Building internal structural support. The inside line of Core support from feet to pelvis*

Session 5 The front of spine Core support- Pelvis to neck * Abdominal scars and visceral issues will be addressed in this session.

Session 6 Back line of Core support from feet to head* Back surgical scars will be released in this session.

Session 7 Neck, head, possibly some shoulders. ~If someone has had head/neck trauma they may require an additional head session with attention to Cranial Restriction and a CranioSacral Therapy session.

* Session 8-9 Integration of layers-structures, shoulder and pelvic girdles, core and functional movement.

* Session 10 Brings the basics of the structurally balanced body to a close. Balance of horizontal and vertical planes. The body will continue to make changes because sessions are progressive and much integration and assimilation occurs between and after the 10 sessions, as gravity becomes the therapist.* Posture Screen and photos will be taken and review of changes discussed.

Post 10 Sessions An option for people who want to enjoy more of the Rolfing results. Many people just want more. Each of these sessions is custom designed to give more structural support, continuity and integration. Some people come monthly, some a few times a year.

Advanced Rolfing Series- 3, 5 or 7 sessions for another level of Structural Integration.

Notes: All sessions build on the previous session.

*All sessions include seated back work and movement and functional tracking for re-education of the nervous system to anchor a more permanent Rolfing result.