Rolfing Offers Emotional Healing Benefits

Rolfing ® Structural Integration is a whole body approach to pain relief and life transformation. Manipulating fascia causes Structural Realignment, postural balance, freedom from tension, pain and old injuries, scar tissue and emotional trauma with a rebalancing effect that allows freedom of movement; better energy; improved balance, healthier attitude and a better life.
I don’t just touch bodies. I help transform lives. I instill hope. I touch the spirit, soul, body, mind, and sometimes evoke release of buried emotions of each client. I have awareness of what is under my hands and in my mind’s eye when I’m working on someone. I am entrusted to share a client’s personal history that is written in their fascial memory. It’s a privilege to be allowed to help someone integrate on so many dimensions. I work with my clients based on their willingness to have changes that Rolfing evokes. There is a physical release of tension and often energy of emotions that have been stored in the tissues. I work somewhat as a sculptor creating physical changes in the client’s structure. As the flesh releases they may experience a release of emotions. I gently help people through their process, whatever that might be. They may choose to share events, visualizations or something they have experienced. I compassionately comply with their need to process. I provide space for emotional and energetic release. I spiritually support and empower my clients. Whatever my clients bring to the table, they are given the opportunity to have wholeness, health, well-being and transformation through Structural Integration.
I look forward to helping you in your life transformation!