by Donna Marini on Feel Great Live Well
Donna Marini

Patti is simply amazing!!! I am very active and pretty fit but felt sluggish and just in constant state of pain. After my first treatment I felt so much lighter inside and out. I am walking taller and able to breath in a manner that I have not in many.many years. I have an overall brighter and lighter feeling in life. I love her so much my husband is now a client and I tell everyone how wonderful Patti is and she truly does have "caring hands" and heart as well.

 by Ruthann Martinez on Feel Great Live Well
Amazing results!

As the progression of my scoliosis worsened as an adult at the age of 47 I had spinal fusion surgery (T2-T12). Two years after the surgery I sought out Patti and began Rolfing with her. I wish I had gone to her sooner! Rolfing has been an amazing experience for me. I was unable to walk more than 400 steps without debilitating pain in my both of my hips. I was also not able to cross my legs sitting down any longer. The Rolfing that Patti has performed on me has opened up my world again to do the things I haven’t been able to do since the surgery 3 years ago. P.S. “Patti got me pregnant!” 20 years ago I was seeing her for Craniosacral Therapy. After 3 miscarriages, many months of Clomid and artificial insemination I swear it was Patti’s amazing hands that help my body carry my beautiful daughter to full-term! Patti Selleck has been a Godsend in my life & I thank him every day for her amazing talent.

 by Brandy P on Feel Great Live Well
Better Results Than Massage Therapy

"I have been a long time massage therapy client, never fully satisfied, but it was the best that I knew at the time for the minor aches and tensions that I had. After the birth of my second child I was plagued mysteriously with chronic lower back pain. I was seeing my massage therapist once a week for a 90 min session and also a chiropractor 3 times a week with little to no relief. If I had known then what I know now seeing Patti would have been my first option instead of my last resort. I began seeing improvement immediately and without the days of pain afterward that my massage sessions would cause. After 13 sessions my pain is completely gone and I feel better than I have ever felt!! I will be recommending rolfing with Patti to anyone who is looking to rid themselves of pain!!"

 by Tami V on Feel Great Live Well

I have benefitted from Patti's sessions since the first time I saw her. I was heading for surgery and, due to her professional care, have not needed it. I continue to see her approximately once a month to maintain optimal results. I highly recommend Patti - in fact I have referred friends who are also pleased with the results.

 by Brandy on Feel Great Live Well

I came to Patti initially with lower back pain that I had not been able to get rid of through massage, chiropractic adjustments, or excercise. Each appointment I was able to see and feel the difference and have come to feel a freedom of movement and significantly less pain than when I started. Patti truly is blessed with hands that can melt away years of stress and tension and bring back stability and balance in the body. I continue to feel her work even after our session and no longer feel the need to see a massage therapist on a regular basis as I did before. The cost per session is a little higher than massage, but totally worth it and in the long run I think it will actually save me money!! Thank you Patti!!

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Steve in Surprise
Patti – Sometimes we focus just on bad news too often.  So when there is really good news, why not share? About 5 hours after my treatment I told my friend Patty Diamond that I felt at least 50% better than I felt before the Rolfing.  I would also say at least 50% better than the previous 5 days averaged. Last night when laying down for bed, I took an assessment and discovered I was as relaxed as I have been for YEARS! It’s been over 24 hours since we finished the treatment and I am still feeling well compared to what has gone on in previous weeks.  Obviously there is something to the Rolfing (and I usually have a healthy skepticism about me). God bless you and those hands!  I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Patti – thank you for your labor of love. You helped me so much physically and emotionally. My knee is so much stronger and I have such a good range of motion. When I workout I actually forget about my knee, and I am doing so much more than I ever thought I could. Once again, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your care and compassion!
Mary Engel, Feb 2012
I contacted Patti Selleck for a Rolfing series because I was stuck. I have long appreciated massage, bodywork, chiropractic, etc., but I knew it was time for something more. Together, Patti and I have made breakthrough after breakthrough in our amazing sessions and not simply physical improvements, although that is certainly a wonderful part of it. Patti’s Rolfing expertise puts me at ease with the process and we are able to work together to facilitate inner release of tension or trauma, which translates to powerful shifts on multiple levels – emotionally, spiritually and physically. Her loving care creates a safe environment to move deeply within and is unlike all other work I have experienced.

Treza Hassa, Peoria AZ April 2012 Certified Lymphatic Therapist
Hi Patti Selleck, Thank you so much for the 1st session and the fantastic result. I had experienced two months of limited painful walking prior to this session. Although this first session was a “quick fix,” I am optimistic that my foot, ankle, leg, sacrum issue is temporary once I can squeeze in a few more sessions. With your help of realignment, not only was I able to attend the Audubon picnic at Horseshoe Ranch, but I participated in the birding nature hike; walked up a hill, across a purple-flowered meadow, along the sandy shore of the Aqua Fria River! I spoke to several people at my office about Rolfing and your unique approach which dispels the myth that rolfing is unbearably painful. After lunch, we were visited by a beautiful Golden Eagle. What a fantastic and blessed day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

RM - Phoenix, AZ
Fancying myself a bit of a massage-therapy connoisseur for many years, I have explored many forms of bodywork from practitioners across the country. About fifteen years ago, I decided to find out about Rolfing, and came upon Patti Selleck. At that time, I went through the full Rolfing protocol with Patti, from toes to head, a system to which my body responded with amazing results. Today, Patti is the only bodywork professional with whom I will trust my body’s structural issues. She possesses an extraordinary ability to get under the skin, literally and figuratively, to heal body trauma. Always intensely interested in my resolving my needs, she listens completely and compassionately, all the while laying on those gifted hands and finding exactly what ails me. The recent evolution of Patti’s practice into “Quantum Rolfing” is nothing short of astonishing. Her intuitive abilities have deepened over the years, taking her hands and her heart to places you’d never guess were the root causes of physical and even emotional problems. She has my utmost trust, and I proudly recommend her.
Caroline King Workers' Compensation Company of America
I have had more massages in my lifetime of over 60 years than I can count; with lots of various therapists, some good, some kinda good, and some not so good.  But I have NEVER experienced the complete, comprehensive deep body work that Patti provides. When I first came to her, my body was tight, twisted and painful, especially in my lower back, my shoulders, and my right knee.  I had been living with chronic pain for so long; I had become numb to it.  I always felt better after a massage, and I expected to with Patti also, but I was not prepared to feel totally transformed!  After only one session, I had more range of motion, I could stand up straight, my body was OUT OF PAIN!  I knew I would be back for more!  After my second session, I not only felt lighter, more fluid, and more flexible, I felt like I had lost 10 pounds in less than 2 hours!  Needless to say, Patti can count on me for lifetime structural maintenance!  Not only am I hooked, I am telling all my family and friends to visit her also.  She is worth every penny she charges! How fabulous can one person get to feel in this life?
Peter Hushek, President Phoenix Heat Treating, Inc.
Patti has aided my ability to perform at peak levels for 23 years.  From my early years in cycling she helped me understand and attain the body balance that was required to perform at my best through Rolfing and whatever soft tissue techniques necessary to achieve my goals.  As the years went on and I was faced with balancing family, business obligations and physical fitness, she’s helped me maintain optimal postural alignment and integration so that my efforts were not wasted in any arena. When I’ve gotten out of balance, Patti has rebalanced my contorted physical body and helped me avoid further injury, helped me out of pain or simply kept me from be sidelined.  Patti’s holistic approach to physical and mental health has been a welcome bridge to a better future that I demand of myself.
C.C. - Ocala, Florida
In my career as a commercial airline pilot, long-distance travel has been my stock in trade. On a recent cross-country trip to Phoenix to visit my sister, I spent four hours sitting in a middle seat in the passenger section, something I didn’t even think about. When we arrived in Phoenix, however, I tried to stand up, only to find my left knee completely giving out on me. It was horrifically painful and could not support any weight. With help, I made it to my sister’s car where I collapsed in agony. My sister has been Patti Selleck’s client for many years, and she urged me to take her regular appointment the next morning and see Patti. I was reluctant, but because I was so worried about my condition, I finally gave in and limped my way up the sidewalk to the appointment. Patti performed a miracle on my knee. Explaining what she was doing every step of the way, she gave me a complete Rolfing session, working out the terrible pain and giving me back the use of my knee and leg. I walked tall out of that appointment, marveling at the difference, and feeling so grateful for Patti’s work.
Alleen Walker, Phoenix AZ
In 1960 I was hit head on by a drunk driver going between 90-120mph. Needless to say my body went through enormous trauma, but despite years of seeking help, no one knew what to do to make my pain better- so when I went to see Patti 8 years ago she was my last hope. Each time Patti worked on me I was a little better. I feel better today than I have in 40 years! Patti has given me my life back! Thanks Patti!
Katy Lembeck, Sun City AZ
I began seeing Patti in 1997 when I was a fulltime caregiver to my husband who was a stroke patient. I located Patti at the urging of my sister who had been Rolfed and knew that it would relieve my stress and old back injury. I received the full Rolfing series as well as CranioSacral and other therapies. She kept me on my feet then, and even though I don’t need her gifted hands as often as I once did, she was and is a God-send to me. When I do see her for a tune-up, I stand taller and am more connected from head to toe after the session. She is a gift.
BC, Phoenix AZ
Patti Selleck puts the “great” in integrate!
Barb Owens, Phoenix AZ
Just thought you might like to know….two things I haven’t done in …gee I don’t know years?   One…stand on my right leg, obviously lifting my left leg.  A trick one might take for granted until they can’t put on their underpants without sitting on the side of the bed. Two: stepping down stairs one step with one foot, the next step with the other foot, as opposed to always stepping down with the same foot.
Monty Curran, Sun City AZ
In the event that you have not experienced a massage with Patti, may I assure you that never, in all my experience in the health and beauty field (with Elizabeth Arden, the Marina City Club Spa, and just receiving massages over the years) have I had such an uplifting and incredible experience. The technique she uses has brought my health and comfort level up to  a degree that I never thought possible, as I had a serious injury from an automobile accident quite a number (25) of years ago. I cannot describe how much I am improved, both in body and mind, and I really would like to urge anyone who is even vaguely thinking of getting Patti to work on you.  You will not ever, ever regret it.  I am looking forward to a very long relationship with this very nice lady.
Scott, Phoenix
I have known Patti for about 6 years and knew what she did through some friends. After a bicycle crash where I broke my collarbone in my right shoulder and separated my left shoulder, I went to Patti for some treatment. I have gone to an excellent chiropractor and have received many professional massages, but what Patti does is unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Her treatment is like a very powerful combination of the two. She is able to diagnose my problems and slowly move things that need to move. I can’t explain it, but I have felt it! She is truly amazing!
Mary Engel, Phoenix AZ Certified Yoga Teacher
I feel incredibly fortunate to be working with Patti Selleck in my Rolfing sessions. The pain I was having in my lower back and hip has resolved. I am also moving more freely and with greater ease. Her capacity to assess the body and work with insight and skill is masterful. My body has never felt so integrated.
Cathy Gilchrist, Phoenix AZ
My experience with Caring Hands was wonderful.  I was on a quest to right what was wrong with my body.   I had TMJ.  I tried doctors and medicine and was told I just had to live with the pain.  I was at my wits end when a conversation with a mother of one of my daughter’s friends changed my life.  She told me about Patti Selleck and the Rolfing method.  I was ready to try anything.  Patti understood my frustration and worked with a whole body approach to relieve my pain.  She personalized my treatment to my specific needs.  I learned that when my body is in balance and without pain, I have more energy and vitality to live my life.   Today my TMJ is under control and I would highly recommend her services.
Peg McQuarrie M.Ed., ACPC WellSprings Consulting
When I first walked into Patti Selleck’s treatment room on November 12, 2010, it was with slim hope. For over three years, I had experienced debilitating pain that stumped every doctor and practioneer that included, among others, two neurologists, a D.O, a number of physical therapists and an acupuncturist. I was unable to walk without a cane, could not climb stairs, and was in constant, unending pain. I retired early in August of 2010 as I could no longer manage the commute and physical stress associated with my job. At the age of 57, I felt like I was 87. Today, March 4, 2011, (four short months later), I am 99% free of pain, I walk easily without the help of a cane (I threw it away over two months ago), and the work that’s left is to strengthen my back and legs. Other than a bit of stiffness after sitting for awhile, I stand straight, move easily, and have no sign of the limp that used to slow my walk to a crawl. To say that my life has been transformed would be a gross understatement. I walk daily. I contribute fully to the upkeep of my home. I feel alive and well and pain free. Enough about me – here’s what I can tell you about Patti Selleck. I have had 14 sessions with her, a combination of cranial/sacral work and Rolfing. On each occasion, she has treated me with the deepest respect and with a sensitivity to my condition that allowed me to stay on the table and let her do her work. She is a master craftswoman who uses a rare combination of 25 years of knowledge, skill, and intuition to free the body up from what ails it. Her lovely sense of humor and deep connection to God allow her to take her client seriously without giving in to the power of the health problem that the client presents. She is a healer of the highest order. On January 1, my only goal for 2011 was “vibrant health.” My “slim hope” has blossomed into a firm confidence that I am living daily into my goal of vibrant health. I am stronger and fully confident in full recovery of my health and life. The last thing my family doctor said to me before I began seeing Patti was, “We may never know what’s wrong with you. You may always be in pain – you will have to learn to live with it.” I look forward to dancing into my family doctor’s office for my May visit to show her the results of Patti’s work. I am so grateful for what Patti has done for me and for what she has taught me. So, how fabulous can one person get to feel in this life?  And just how fabulous am I going to feel as we continue our work?  I can’t wait to find out.
Austin M. California
No ONE on this GOD given earth can make the impact only YOU can do, Patti.
Dr. Jan Dilley, HHP, CBS Holistic Iridologist
Hi Patti, I so enjoy coming to see you… I just have a better sense of different things going on in the body!! You are helping me to become more in tune with myself!! That is so good!! Thanks again for a wonderful session!!
Hi Patti ~ Just to let you know that most of the day I was waddling instead of walking. I now am walking smoothly and painlessly – if that isn’t incredible results, I don’t know what is! Thanks! And my arms are reaching much more naturally, and no pain! Yikes!
Ginny Bollman LMT Emotional Healing Therapist
When I think about how Rolfing affects my body, the first thing that comes to mind is freedom to move without the heaviness. It allows me to be more present within my body and actually occupy the spaces. And after having 2 severe injuries to my left knee, it is only because of Rolfing that I have been able to avoid surgery to replace a torn ACL. Also because I am more aware of my body, I know when it is time for a tune-up session. This keeps my body functioning more optimally. Another advantage is that when my body is in alignment my creativity comes out…because my body is more organized…then so are my thoughts. Therefore I am able to tap into my potential for greatness. Patti has the ability to ‘see’ what is going on in the deep layers of the body. To actually listen to what I’m saying but also listen to what my body is saying. I have gone through the 10 sessions with Patti which was a great foundation, to actually process through years and layers of not only physical but emotional traumas. And as I have the work done my body has been able to heal at a deeper level. Over the years I have had massage which may have helped for a day or two, but no changes were made. Now when I have my Advanced Rolfing sessions I know that we are making changes that are lasting. And again I tap into my potential at that deep level. If your body is in pain, if you are tired of struggling with the same aches and pains and the same symptoms, and if you’re ready for change, you owe it to yourself to invest in your health. You owe it to loved ones to invest in their health. And if we could all get this work at a young age we could grow to be happier and healthier adults. For my family this is a must! My daughter who is now 22 has been receiving Patti’s gift since coming into the world and my brother’s have had amazing experiences through Patti’s healing hands. My mom who is 81 has also had Patti working on her to help with scar tissue from a recent surgery. So you see Patti can help with bodies of all ages, with any issue that your body can bring, she has the gift within her hands and heart to be the instrument to facilitate the healing that your body desires.

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