Advances in Fascial Research

Thanks to advances in medical technology and Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau who has produced great videos, such as Strolling Under the Skin, Muscle Attitudes and The Skin Excursion. View these videos below. They have given us great documentation of living fascia’s complex role. Now we have visuals of fascial strands and sails and hydraulic fluid movement throughout the fascial connective tissue. We see how fascia changes shape with appropriately placed pressure. What a breakthrough to see this marvelous fabric in real time! Dr. Rolf saw it in dissections. She knew the importance of this material before anyone gave it any credence. She felt the changes to which she was applying pressure to living fascia but now we can see it.

These videos have changed my understanding and insight of this support material called fascia. With these new visuals of fascia; what my hands perceive are new dimensions of touch. These collagenous ropes and riggings are a smaller part of a much larger universe of our bodies. They are the physical riggings of an electrically conductive world of strings that are our interconnectedness to the inside world and the outside world.