How does your work stand out from other Rolfers and Bodyworkers?

There are many practitioners of Rolfing ® Structural Integration which is a whole body approach to pain relief and life transformation. Manipulating fascia causes Structural Realignment, postural balance, freedom from tension, pain and old injuries, scar tissue and emotional trauma with a rebalancing effect that allows freedom of movement as well as improved balance and energy. Rolfing client’s experience healthier attitudes and a better quality of life.
What makes me different? I believe that I specialize in relationships far greater than the sum of ones parts. I don’t just touch bodies. I touch the spirit, soul, body, mind, emotion of each client. This is what is under my hands and in my mind’s eye when I’m working on someone. I am entrusted to share their personal history. It’s a privilege to be allowed to help someone integrate on so many dimensions. I work with my clients based on their willingness to have change. They may choose to share their life experiences that are imprinted in their flesh or they may not. Either way, I compassionately comply with their need to process. I provide space for emotional and energetic release. I minister spiritual support as I’m led to do so and I empower my clients every step of the way. I am an educator so I’m teaching my clients to occupy their inner space as we free it up. Rolfing is about Structural Integration; making the parts fit together to be better balanced in gravity. It’s also about functional integration; how those parts relate and work together for better body performance. It is also movement integration; learning new movement options and re-patterning for permanent changes and emotional and spiritual integration for the total wellbeing of my clients. Sometimes my work is more subtle as I listen with my hands and heart for information and feedback from the body. Other times I may work with directed pressure upon the body tissues to affect changes. Whatever my clients bring to the table, they are given the opportunity to have wholeness, health, well-being and transformation through Rolfing Structural Integration. I help transform lives. I help people see through eyes of faith and I instill hope.
Let the healing begin!