What Is The Difference Between Massage Therapy and Rolfing Structural Integration?

One question that I get asked regularly is what the difference between Massage Therapy and Rolfing Structural Integration? It’s simple. Rolfing makes permanent structural changes that continue beyond the session as we focus on Structural changes and movement or functional integration and gravitational balance. Rolfing creates length and space between joints, often alleviating nerves and joint issues and chronic pain. Balance from front to back and symmetry from side to side prevents injuries because you are more stable. It will improve athletic performance too. A person often looks thinner and taller. They also experience freedom of movement. Some of the adjectives that will give you a sense of Rolfing’s effects are freedom, depth, dimension, and wholeness, aliveness, lighter and thinner, ease, expansive, pain free, movement, better circulation.
Rolfing ® Structural Integration is a whole body approach to pain relief and life transformation. Manipulating fascia causes Structural Realignment, postural balance, freedom from tension, pain and old injuries, scar tissue and emotional trauma with a rebalancing effect that allows freedom of movement; better energy; improved balance, healthier attitude and a better life.