Energetic Imprints and Chronic Tension

Muscles have memory. You may have heard that before. Fascia is electrically conductive. The DNA within each cell is a recorder of information and records our life’s story. It imprints trauma and stores energy. It inhibits us from freely moving into our future, which explains the difficulty we have to fully living in our present. We are internally interconnected; we have those energetic imprints held within our fascial tissues. Let’s call those memories energetic imprints. Energetic imprints from within us, and also connecting us to other people’s energy fields. Life’s events that also reflect in our postures. We can look at people and tell mood, attitude and the atmosphere. We are interconnected through energetic “strings” to other people. We are all dragging non-seen things from our pasts through energetic imprints. That is one explanation why a person might react to a present situation with a non-conscious response triggered from a past trauma, negative event or injury.

An energetic mess can manifest itself in the physical body resulting in tensional patterns from old events, and emotional upheaval. Deep holding patterns, repetitive movements, and trauma drag things from a past into our now. So that chronic neck tension or back pain you are experiencing could be far more than the argument that you had with your spouse yesterday or the bad day you had at the office. There have been compounded events that have caused so much tension and now you can’t ignore it any longer.