Evaluation and Treatment
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Rolfing® Structural Integration is a whole body approach to pain relief and life transformation. Manipulating fascia causes Structural Realignment, postural balance, freedom from tension, pain and old injuries, scar tissue and emotional trauma with a rebalancing effect that allows freedom of movement; better energy; improved balance, healthier attitude and a better life.

Within these pages, I hope to explain “Quantum” Rolfing; which is the multidimensional term I use to describe my perception and how things relate. In the development of my work over 27 years, I’ve pondered how to briefly describe this concept. I’ve meditated on what picture could encompass the depth, dimensionality, expansiveness, relationships, whirls and patterns, and the inter-connections, that my hands touch and my brain interprets as I’m touching the body and then the transformation that my client experiences through my work. As you look at the photos of the clouds and skylines that you will see in these pages, I hope they can adequately capture the vision of this concept that “Quantum” Rolfing presents of relationships and dimensions. These should give you an insight into my thinking and my personal perspective.

My seeing, feeling, touch and empathy have expanded over the years. I realize that I don’t just touch bodies. I help transform lives. I instill hope. I touch the spirit, soul, body, mind, emotion of each client. This is what is under my hands and in my mind’s eye when I’m working on someone. I am entrusted to share their personal history. It’s a privilege to be allowed to help someone integrate on so many dimensions. I work with my clients based on their willingness to have change. They may choose to share their life’s hurts or not. Either way, I compassionately comply with their need to process. I provide space for emotional and energetic release. I am a Certified Chaplain and Lay Counselor and Prayer minister so I spiritually support and empower my clients. Whatever my clients bring to the table, they are given the opportunity to have wholeness, health, well-being and transformation through Structural Integration.

I look forward to helping you in your life transformation!

Let the healing begin!

Patti Selleck LMT

Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Certified Chaplain

Certified Lay Counselor

AACC Member