About Me

I have been in Arizona since 1974 and was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut . My husband Pete and I have been married for more than 40 years. We have 3 adult, married sons, 2 granddaughters, and a grandson.

I was initially trained in Swedish Massage and Deep Muscle Therapies in 1985. I taught Anatomy, Physiology and therapeutic massage at Westwind Academy of Massage Therapy for 8 years. I used to get frustrated because as much as I could affect with massage, I couldn’t make permanent changes. I was always fascinated with Biomechanical contributions to tensional patterns and chronic pain, and in 1990 began my journey into Rolfing Structural Integration. I studied at The Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. I am now a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and a member in good standing of the Rolf Institute. Dr. Ida P. Rolf PhD developed Rolfing® Structural Integration. I also studied CranioSacral Therapy (trained through the Upledger Institute and also studied Rolfing Movement Integration. I have integrated these modalities into my work for greater effectiveness and a less painful approach to Rolfing. I specialize in what I call “Quantum” Rolfing, a term that I will explain later in more detail. My approach today is very integrative in nature. I incorporate electromagnetic field detoxification and music to balance the frequencies of the 33 elements of the body as well as Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils as part of every treatment. I find that the combination of these modalities accesses the subatomic frequencies that release so many holding patterns for a more effective result for my clients.

  • Established Massage Business since 1985
  • Rolfing Structural Integration since 1990
  • Former Massage, Anatomy & Physiology Instructor
  • Trained @ the Rolf Institute
  • Certified Rolfer since 1990
  • Contributed to law changes to improve profession integrity in the City Of Phoenix
  • Certified Chaplain since 1999
  • Certified Lay Counselor 2011
  • Member American Association of Christian Counselors
  • Certified Advanced Rolfer 2011
  • Member in good standing with The Rolf Institute
  • Prayer and Healing Minister

Stress reduction, spiritual, physical, emotional wellness all contribute to a balanced lifestyle. They are crucial to a wellness mentality for healthy living so I practice what I preach. I enjoy reading, writing, singing, teaching and empowering people. I like learning new things. I’m Italian and I enjoy cooking, travel and watching wholesome, “feel good” movies, too. Generally, I like light-hearted comedies, faith-based movies, and things that are positive and uplifting. I like listening to Praise and Worship Music and life success teachings and effectively praying for others. I spend time daily in developing my intimate relationship with God and I love reading and receiving the uplifting Word of God.

In my early years as a therapist, I desired to be more effective to serve the whole person. I became a Certified Chaplain, A Hope Coach, and a Certified Lay Christian Counselor. With these skills, I can minister to people God’s way based on a Biblical foundation of unconditional love. It’s my privilege to encourage people and help them discover their true potential in a safe environment and without judgement.

I believe in the God of The Bible and am a Born Again spirit filled believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord, my God, my Savior, Healer, Forgiver and Deliverer and am committed to living a genuine, faith filled life to be a living witness of His Love and Goodness. I am currently a student at Charis Bible College as I avidly study and draw my strength and wisdom from Biblical principles.

I actively participate at my Church. I also do outreach and work with people who are experiencing homelessness and volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul dining room in Sunnyslope teaching weekly Bible Studies and doing monthly outreach events there. I am involved with Discipleship training, Mentoring, Missions and am a Prayer and Healing Minister. My husband Pete and I have participated in several short-term missions. We’ve went to Bosnia in 2000 to teach English. We’ve taught ESL to Bosnian refugees locally in 1999-2001. I’ve been to Mexico on a mission where we supported church growth. In 2013 and 2014 we went to Hvar, Croatia where we helped teach and strengthen Hvar Church members. We anticipate future trips to Croatia and are believing God that we will be starting a Bible College there someday.

Pain that manifests in bodies is often much more than what is on the surface. Science is recognizing the detrimental effects of stress on the body. Pain and tension are often an accumulation of life’s events. I often refer to and highly recommend a book called Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman. This book is a tool that I refer to that helps to identify why you feel, what you feel, and how those feelings started. All matter has energy and all energy must be expressed. Our connective tissue (fascia) is electrically conductive and is rich with memory of every event and emotion that we experience in life. Without a healthy expression, these emotional and energetic imprints often express themselves as pain in one’s body causing disharmony in one’s energy field and distortions in the DNA. I encourage people through imagery and breathe work to get in touch with these non-conscious, autonomic nervous system holding patterns. It’s a great release for emotional and energetic healing, rebalancing and restoring harmony in the relative elements of the body. I offer emotional support and will always direct a person with encouragement and compassion. I direct people toward empowerment, forgiveness, love and helping those who have been victims to become victorious. I minister healing through the gifting that God has bestowed through me with prayer, emotional support, spiritual strengthening, fascial release therapy, and listening to the individual needs of my clients.

Nutrition plays a key role in wellness. My goal is to offer people healthier options to support their wellness needs. It is impossible to do this work and not consider lifestyle choices including nutrition, exercise, attitudes, lifestyle choices and habits. I offer high quality pharmaceutical grade, Pure Encapsulations Nutritional products online at www.purecapspro.com/pselleck and Gano Excel’s Coffee and other Beverage and Nutritional Products mixed with powerful Ganoderma. Go to us.ganoexcel.com/pselleck for more information or to place and order.

It is my privilege to help people become free, realize their full potential, and meet their wellness goals.

In the early 1990’s, I was active in massage politics which contributed to law changes that improved the Massage profession and brought greater credibility and integrity to the Bodywork Profession in Phoenix and later State Licensing to Arizona.